Straight28™ Clear Aligner System

Clear, Simple, Familiar The Straight28™ System is unmatched in its fit, precision and quality. Attention to detail is given to every case and we prepare each aligner utilizing systems similar to the 1st generation companies. They are intended for patients with minor to moderate anterior crowding or spacing.


The Straight 28 System uses clear aligners in combination with IPR and/or attachments to move your patient’s teeth is stages. Once we receive the intraoral scan or PVS impressions, our skilled technicians virtually move the teeth in to position, and a series of clear aligners are made from 3D printed models in our lab.


If you have not used a clear aligner system before don’t worry! We will walk you through each and every step. The Straight28™ System was developed for both those who are familiar with clear aligner therapy and those who have always wanted to offer this great service in their practice. This allows any General Dentist or Orthodontist to prescribe it with confidence.

Who is an ideal candidate?

Ideal candidates are patients with Class I malocclusions with mild to moderate anterior crowding or spacing. This is perfect for patients who have experienced minor orthodontic relapse. The Straight28™ System is not intended for correction of Class II, Class III, severe crowding, or open or closed bite cases.

Get Started

All you need to do is create a free account on the Straight28™ portal HERE and follow the simple instructions on your dashboard beginning with the prescription. Then upload intraoral scans from ANY scanner or mail quality PVS impressions and a bite registration. Once we receive your data we will begin production once our staff Doctor evaluates and approves the case.