How To Get Started with Straight28™

We have made the process to submit a case to us a easy as possible
  • 1. Log on to
  • 2. Register for a free account or logon to your account if already registered.
  • 3. Upload .stl files of your patient and fill out an online prescription form or mail quality PVS impressions and a bite registration in postage-paid boxes we will provide to you.
  • 4. We will scan, analyze, and prepare the recommended movements for your patient and upload a proposed animation to your account, sending you email notification.
  • 5. Once you accept the proposed movements, we will fabricate and package the aligners in pairs including attachment templates if necessary ready for delivery to your patient.
Consultant Doctor Support

To ensure you feel comfortable in prescribing Straight28™ treatment plan for your patient or should you need more in depth assistance, we have a team of technicians and a staff Dentists who has utilized clear aligner therapy for 20 years who can help advise on a case, meaning you can treat your patients in full confidence.

Straight28™ Facts:

Doctor Controlled Movement: We will set up the case as we see ideal but you as the prescribing Doctor have the final say as to how you want the teeth to move.

Short Lead Times: Once we receive prescription, impressions or intraoral scans, you should receive your Straight28™ Aligners within 3 weeks.

Extensive Tooth Movement: You can expect to achieve up to 2.5mm movement per tooth.

Flexible: Single Arch option available for cases with minimal spacing or crowding

US Based: Your order is processed, manufactured and packaged in our lab just outside of Atlanta, GA.